For more than 70 years, our family-owned business has set the standard for excellence in hydraulic repairs. Our team’s combination of more than a century of combined knowledge means a wealth of experience and expertise is brought to each project.

Our only goal is your success!

■ We back our work with the industry’s leading warranty: One year warranty on all rebuilt components.

■ We deliver exceptional customer service through fast response times and active communication.

■ TLR Hydraulics has made the investment in skilled technicians and machinery to do all aspects of the job in house, meaning complete control over the quality and turnaround of work.

You will see the family pride in our performance, and a dedication to your satisfaction!


Tom has been in the hydraulic field for more than 40 years. During his years of experience, he has been an owner of one of the largest hydraulics facilities in the United States. He has helped build many stores for Caterpillar and built many shops of his own.

Tom has been through numerous schools including Paul Monroe, Caterpillar, Tom Thomas Engineering, Hercules, Parker, Rex Roth and continues his education. Currently, Mr. Rupe is looking to take all of his years of experience and serve the DFW Metroplex at the Midlothian, TX location.


Leslie is the Vice President at TLR Hydraulics, Inc. She oversees office personnel and daily business operations. Leslie started at the company in 2012, and has helped pave the way for development of all TLR locations.

While administration is her primary job by day, Leslie also enjoys the outdoors, being a mom and wife, and raising French bulldogs.

Did you know?

TLR & Sons Interstate 20 location created two cross cylinders in the 3rd Transformers movie: Dark of the Moon. These cylinders measured 62 ft. long with 20 ft. x 20 ft. flanges, with 24 in. bores, and 16 in. rod. The cylinders were responsible for making the sky scraper shake and tilt. They are in the scene of the movie where everybody is falling out of the sky scraper.

Fun Facts!

Tom Rupe has been involved in creating hydraulic systems in many other movie sets along with his father and brother in the studios of California. SOME of these include Blown Away with Jeff Bridges, Turbulence, Batman, and Speed 2. He has also built systems for floats in the Rose Parade and even designed a system for WaterWorld, a show at Universal Studios-Hollywood!